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The Hunter Barn offers a variety of horses for sale on a regular basis that range in training from green-broke to finished show prospects. All sale horses are held at The Hunter Barn for a period of no less than thirty days so that we can thoroughly evaluate the horses' disposition, physical conformation, overall fitness, and suitability. Prospective buyers who wish to purchase a horse from The Hunter Barn must also complete a lengthy questionnaire and interview process prior to making a purchase. The interviewing process is critical in order for our staff to establish the true needs, desires, and goals of the buyer. Once we determine the buyer's requirements, we will only offer horses for consideration that we feel represent the closest match. The standards and values that we rely upon for making purchase recommendations to our clients are strictly held.

The Hunter Barn sale horses are honestly represented for the following reasons:

  • Minimum 30 days training evaluation period at The Hunter Barn prior to being offered for sale.
  • Complete update on routine veterinary care -- records are open to prospective buyer.
  • Complete Pre-Veterinary evaluation with written report evaluating:
    • Disposition & Behavior
    • Physical Attributes & Conformation
    • Overall Fitness & Suitability
  • Background history is known prior to horses being offered for sale.
  • Training diary is provided for horses raised at The Hunter Barn.

Reasons to buy sale horses from The Hunter Barn including the following:

  • Prospective buyers are interviewed at length to determine:
    • Need, Desire & Goals
  • Only horses that most closely represent the buyer's model are presented for sale
  • Price is not considered a limiting factor to finding the "ideal" horse.

Consulting services are available to individuals looking to purchase a new equine companion. The Hunter Barn offers both pre-veterinary evaluations as well as equine appraisals for this purpose. On a select, consignment services are available to owners who need to sell their horses.

  • Pre-veterinary evaluation -- A two-hour examination is conducted to evaluate the following:
    • Disposition & Behavior
    • Physical Attributes & Conformation
    • Overall Fitness & Suitability
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